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Repaired Mitral Valve with Ring

Excised Diseased Segment of leaflet

Torn cordae causing mitral prolapse

Leaking Mitral Valve

Competent Mitral Valve

When possible, mitral valves should be repaired

What causes of Mitral Regurgitation?

What is Mitral Regurgitation?

Prolapsed cusps (flaps) are the most common disease to affect the mitral valve
Many people have prolapsed cusps with no other problems
Some patients with more progressive disease, however, will have what is called mitral regurgitation
Mitral regurgitation is a condition where the mitral valve does not close tightly, allowing blood to flow backward inside the heart
Mitral regurgitation can also be referred to as mitral insufficiency or mitral incompetence

– age related wear and tear
​ • Prior infection such as rheumatic fever that causes scarring
​ and valve damage
•Active infection such as endocarditis
•Congenital heart defects – acquired from time of birth
​•Weakened heart muscle from prior heart attacks can also affect
​ the function of the heart valves

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