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Traditional Open Chest

What is Minimally Invasive?

Jonathan D. Hoffberger, DO, FACOS

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Am I a candidate for Minimally Invasive? 

Mini-sternotomy Approach

Mini Right Thoracotomy


Why Minimally Invasive?

Less trauma and physical impact to the body
Faster recovery and return to normal activities
Less scarring and improved cosmetic results
Reduced blood loss and risk of post-operative complications

Have you been told that you need valve surgery?  Have you been offered the minimally invasive option?

Consult with Dr. Hoffberger to see if you are a candidate for minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

Minimal incision valve surgery is a minimally or less invasive approach to surgery that is designed to offer patients an option for valve surgery that is equivalent to traditional open-chest heart valve surgery. Minimal incision valve surgery can treat various cardiac diseases, including:

       Aortic Stenosis or Regurgitation

       Mitral Stenosis or Regurgitation

       Tricuspid Regurgitation

       Arrhythmia Surgery